Allure Realty

Welcome to Allure Realty, a residential real estate company serving Central
Ohio. We specialize in helping individuals buy and sell their homes while also
supporting communities in need.

At Allure, we are committed to helping you find your next dream home. Whether it’s selling your
current home at a premium to help you afford a new one or scouring the city to pick out your
perfect new place, our team is ready to help. We know deals happen quickly, so you can expect
a partner who is responsive, hard-working and willing to think creatively.

We’re also committed to doing what’s right and work to put the needs of our clients, our
investors and our tenants first. Doing this helps us achieve better results faster. It’s also the
guiding force for why giving back is so important to us. Since our inception, we’ve chosen to
structure our business in a way that allows us to support efforts throughout Columbus to
address homelessness, reduce hunger, increase access to affordable housing and spur
economic development in disadvantaged communities.

Some of our recent partnerships have included:

• The Salvation Army
• The Community Shelter Board
• Remember Us Urban Scouts
• Food not Bombs

"We absolutely need more partners like Allure! They are making significant impact in ourcommunity. If there were more partners like them, our city would be a thriving center foreveryone."
Josué Torres
Franklin County Direct Housing
Team Leader/Case Manager
The Salvation Army | Columbus Area Services