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The Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce Unveiled

Curious about the driving force behind Worthington's thriving business community? Meet the Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce – a dynamic organization connecting businesses, nonprofits, and professionals to foster collaboration, share expertise, and strengthen the collective voice of business in our greater Worthington community. Established in 1958, the Chamber has been a steadfast supporter of businesses in the region, hosting community events, workshops, and networking opportunities while providing essential resources and cost-saving benefits.

Mission and Focus Areas: At the core of the Worthington Area Chamber's mission is a commitment to contributing to and supporting a competitive business environment for all greater Worthington businesses. This dedication is channeled through three major focus areas: economic development, workforce and education, and business advocacy. By actively engaging in these realms, the Chamber plays a pivotal role in shaping the landscape for businesses of all sizes.

Membership and Community Support: With a membership base of over 530 businesses, ranging from sole proprietors and entrepreneurs to some of central Ohio's largest corporations, the Worthington Area Chamber thrives on the diverse support it receives. This collaborative effort extends from the heart of Worthington School District into the surrounding areas, creating a network that promotes shared success.

Why Join the Chamber? Wondering about the benefits of joining the Chamber? As a conduit for businesses, nonprofits, and civic leaders to collaborate, the Chamber provides a platform for developing meaningful business relationships. Through innovative programs like the SOCA Benefits plan and other business resources, the Chamber offers opportunities to save money and enhance recruitment and retention efforts. Even if attending events is challenging, your membership ensures visibility in the online and print directory, allowing you to tap into the hyper-local market virtually and in mailboxes.

Community Engagement and Advocacy: The Worthington Area Chamber isn't just about events; it's about community impact. Through the investments and sponsorships from businesses, the Chamber serves as a convener of business, civic, and community interests. Actively participating in Vision Worthington committees, representing businesses in city manager searches, and amplifying the voice of business in the community, the Chamber plays a vital role in shaping the future of Worthington.

Membership Flexibility: Can't commit to regular attendance? No problem. The Worthington Area Chamber welcomes non-members to attend up to two member events to experience the vibrant community firsthand. Events with registration fees offer separate pricing for non-members. Additionally, community events like Old Worthington Market Day and Taste of Worthington are open to the public, providing a taste of the Chamber's inclusive and welcoming spirit.

Whether you're a small business owner, entrepreneur, or part of a large corporation, the Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce opens doors to opportunities, savings, and a supportive community. Join the Chamber today and discover a world where collaboration breeds success, and where your business becomes an integral part of the vibrant Worthington business ecosystem.

Learn More: www.worthingtonchamber.org

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