Real estate investors now have the chance to gain access to Central Ohio off-market properties that other investors were unaware existed thanks to this exclusive program. Our IBP area real estate investors have an advantage in the market, giving our clients the chance to purchase properties for anywhere between 9% and 15% less than market value.


To provide these opportunities to our real estate investors in the Central Ohio area, we use a variety of paid sources. Most of them are merely homeowners seeking a speedy sale as a result of a recent family or financial crisis. Receiving a cash offer with a two-week closure or a closing date of their choosing is enticing to many homeowners. It also eliminates the homeowner's need to make any pre-listing repairs or improvements and removes the uncertainty surrounding the timing of the sale of their home.


You must be a cash buyer up to at least $400,000 or be accepted into our Buy With Cash Program in order to be eligible for our Investment Buyer Program. When you utilize our chosen loan partner, the fee to borrow the cash is removed, allowing you to be a cash buyer without having to spend a lot of money. Any exclusive Central Ohio off-market opportunities must be obtained before receiving bank statements or a pre-approval from our Buy With Cash Program.


Q: What is the fee Allure Realty charges for access to Central Ohio Area off-market real estate properties?
A: The seller in these scenarios will not be compensating a buyer's agent, and our buyer's agent professional fee is 3%.  Our investors are thrilled to pay a 3% finder's fee to then save 6% to 12% on the acquisition of a property.  Your buyer's agent will be an expert and will help guide you through inspections, contingencies, etc. 

Q: Do you have to sign a Buyer Representation Agreement to have access to these Central Ohio Area off-market real estate properties?
A: To receive more than just general information on a specific property, a representation agreement will need to be signed.  This agreement will not be open-ended and will include information specific to the property to ensure the agreement is only for the particular property that is being presented.

Q: Do the properties tend to need a lot of work or are they turn-key?
A: Some of the properties need substantial work, some of them may need a few things yet are move-in ready and some of them are in fantastic condition.  They are all As-Is transactions, so an inspection would purely be to identify whether or not there were structural issues, large-cost items that were broken, or any safety hazards.  Any items on an inspection report that do not fall into any of these categories would not be addressed by the seller.

Q: Is it best to do improvements and then immediately sell the property or is it best to keep the property as a rental?
A: Both strategies are allowed within this program.  Whether you flip the property or rent it out really depends on your investment strategy.

Q: Do you have any other programs or connections that can assist once a property is acquired?
A: We have an extensive list of vendors we can recommend for improvements, and we are always happy to give our insight and advice on improvements.  If a I.B.P. buys a property, improves it, and then wants to turn around and sell the property, we would implement our 151-Step Home Selling Plan at a 1% discount.  If a I.B.P buys a property with the intention of holding on to it as a rental, we offer property management as well. Allure Property Solutions would handle the property management.


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