Investor Buyer Partner Program for Central Ohio Real Estate

Real estate investors now have an exclusive opportunity to access off-market properties in Central Ohio through our Investor Buyer Partner (IBP) Program. This program grants Central Ohio area investors a competitive edge, enabling them to secure properties at 9% to 15% below market value.

Gaining Exclusive Opportunities

Discover how we source these exceptional real estate opportunities:

  • Paid Sources: Leveraging a range of paid sources, we identify motivated homeowners seeking fast sales due to family or financial crises.
  • Speedy Transactions: Homeowners receive enticing offers for cash with rapid two-week closures or customizable closing dates. This eliminates the need for pre-listing repairs and provides certainty about sale timing.

Eligibility for the IBP Program

To participate in our Investment Buyer Program, you need to meet specific criteria:

  • Cash Buyers: You must be a cash buyer with a capacity of up to $400,000. Alternatively, you can be accepted into our Buy With Cash Program.
  • Borrowing Benefits: Our chosen loan partner enables you to borrow cash without the associated fee, effectively making you a cash buyer without excessive expenses.
  • Exclusive Opportunities: You can access exclusive Central Ohio off-market opportunities before obtaining bank statements or pre-approval from our Buy With Cash Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Access Fee: What is the fee for accessing Central Ohio's off-market real estate properties? A: Our investors pay a 3% finder's fee, while the seller does not compensate a buyer's agent. This allows investors to save 6% to 12% on property acquisition. Your expert buyer's agent guides you through inspections and contingencies.

Q: Representation Agreement: Is a Buyer Representation Agreement required for access? A: To gain comprehensive property details beyond general information, a representation agreement must be signed. This agreement pertains specifically to the presented property.

Q: Property Condition: Are properties usually turn-key or in need of work? A: Properties vary—some require substantial work, others are move-in ready, and some are in excellent condition. Inspections focus on structural, costly, or safety-related issues. Seller addresses concerns falling within these categories.

Q: Investment Strategies: Is it better to improve and sell or retain as a rental? A: Both strategies are valid within the program. Your choice depends on your investment goals.

Q: Post-Acquisition Assistance: Do you offer further support after property acquisition? A: We provide an array of vendor recommendations for improvements. If you plan to sell after improvements, our 151-Step Home Selling Plan is available at a 1% discount. For rental plans, Allure Property Solutions offers property management services.

Investor Buyer Partner

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