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Buy a Brand New Home

When you build a new home, everything is just that — new! So, the odds of you needing to make any repairs within the first few years are slim to none. This gives you a longer time to settle in and enjoy your home without having to worry about making repairs.

Customize your home

It’s not always easy to find exactly what you want in an existing house. If you choose to build a house, you’ll have total control over the design of your home. You get to customize the floorplan in a way that makes sense to you and your family.

Avoid the bidding war

When the market is hot, homes can sell quickly, making the home-buying competition fierce. Depending on your area, finding a home that has the features you want can be very difficult and frustrating. And then, when you do find it, you might end up on the losing side of a bidding war. But when you build a home, you never have to worry about outbidding other buyers or the stress that comes from home shopping.

Really move-in ready

Even the most move-in ready house may still have a couple things you want to change, even if it’s just the color of the walls. But when you build a home, it’s exactly how you want it, from the flooring to the cupboard hardware. This means you can sit back and start enjoying your home from day one.

Build with better technology

Smart homes are becoming more and more common as people get used to the convenience and added safety it can provide. Even if the home you build isn’t packed with tech from the get-go, it is often tech ready. This means everything from security measures to electric gadgets — your new home could be a smart home in no time! In addition to all the benefits you get from having a smart home, you may also earn a discount on your homeowners insurance, just for being a trendsetting techie.

New homes are energy efficient

When you care about being energy efficient, you can make a big difference by building your home. You get to focus on bringing top of the line technology and energy savings into your home. And you get to do so in a customized way that focuses on what means the most to you.

Build a house that’s on top of the trends

One of the reasons to build a house is that new homes come with modern trends and cutting-edge style. Forget about renovating that outdated bathroom, when you build your own home you get to pick the style you want, down to the smallest details. Your home is magazine-glamorous from day one.

Current on codes

Building codes do change over time, always with an eye on protecting the residents, the neighborhood or the environment. Quite often the changes incorporate new and safer technology. With a newly built home you know you’re up to code and nothing has been grandfathered in.

Cost efficient

While it typically costs more in the beginning to build a home, you may recoup those expenses quickly and see a bigger payoff in the long run. When you build a house, there are no costly repairs for appliances, updates or remodeling. Most homes are built in newer neighborhoods that are very desirable. Add to that the annual savings you’ll realize with newer, more efficient appliances and construction techniques, and you’ve got some real financial benefits.

The feeling

Don’t forget the emotional aspect of building your own home. There’s nothing quite like knowing that it’s all yours and no one has lived there before. You get to start fresh and feel like everything in the home has your stamp on it. And it’s all been customized, just for you. This is perhaps the biggest one of all the reasons to build a house.

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